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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Markowski Saddle Shoes + Others

We all know that I love a nice saddle shoe. More so one that is in dress form, such as the grey lovely below, but I quite fancy these casual ones too, particularly the navy buck with pebble grain trim, all done by Markowski. What's even better is that they are on sale, down to a whopping €135. Not a bad price is it? No, but as they are on sale, I don't doubt the that sizes will last. Nevertheless. it is always refreshing to see things that are just a bit different, such as the bold grey/black suede saddle that they put together. Even cooler is the navy suede darby. That is something that would get a lot of wear if it was in my wardrobe. I often wonder why blue suede is not utilized more. I really think that as a leather intended for smart/casual, it takes the cake. Its versatility is second few and its beauty is second to none... All hail blue suede!! Happy spending! :-)


  1. Are they related with Septieme Largeur? Their sites and shoes look similar! Nice shoes nonetheless!

    1. the same guy started both brands, so I guess that you could call them brother/sister brands....but are different in construction, leather used, last shapes etc....but yes, nice nonetheless!

  2. I have already heard of Markowski shoes, but unfortunately never seen in flesh. How do you find their construction and the quality of their leathers?



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