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Thursday, June 13, 2013

New & Lingwood Throwbacks Loafers

The other day, I came across this loafer by New & Lingwood (as a customer brought it in for a shine) and noticed how its design was quite similar to my Marcos loafer. When I designed it I thought that I had created something quite unique by extending the penny strap all the way to the heel, but after seeing this, I really realize that the phrase, 'nothing is new under the sun,' has its significance for a reason. Even though the idea is similar, the execution is a bit different with respects to mine. I still appreciated it all the same though, especially as it shows thoughtful execution of design, something that I find New & Lingwood does quite well. The leather was exquisite and I was having a hard time understanding if this was a N&L made by C&J or EG. The leather quality made me think EG but it was not quite as refined as an EG would be which threw me off a bit...nonetheless, it was lovely and I was happy to see it as it was a bit different than your same 'ol tassel loafer!


  1. Hi Justin,
    This design seems to be rare indeed.
    By the way, I muss confess that your remark about the quality of the leather of these shoes is confusing to me. Indeed, up to now I have assumed that "finest calf leather" actually refers to the same quality of leather used for, say,C&J's, AS's, Grenson's mainline as for their handgrade shoes. Thus EG would use the same type for its RTW.But here, you seem to imply that there is a difference as to the quality. How many types of "finest(?) calf leather" are there? If I may ask. Are there "top grade leather" and "top grade leather, as it were?
    I would greatly appreciate to be enlightened.

    1. john, see my most recent post with regards to leather quality....good question and thanks for asking as it inspired me to write something that I think everyone should know....



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