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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Il Micio - Brogue-Tastic!

Photo Courtesy of My Day Shoes

Coming to think about it, Florence is probably the most populated city in all of Italy for bespoke shoemakers. Off the top of my head, I know 5, but I am sure that there are a few other small ones that exist that I never managed to come across. Of those 5 is one Japanese gentleman by the name of Hidetaka Fukaya, known in Florence as Il Micio. For those that don't speak Italian, Il Micio translates into 'The Cat.' I always liked that about him, the fact that he had a pseudonym. Why don't more shoemakers have them? I guess it's not that commercially viable?? But I think that it gives a mysterious attraction about him. Anyway, this is a great photo, full of beautiful shoes. What first attracted me to it was the shortwing balmoral that had a unique medallion on it. It's quite catching. But then upon second inspection, what really caught my eye is the absolute razor sharpness of that chisel toe on the bottom left. It's so sharp and the light captured its angle so nicely that it looks like it might be able to slice through an apple like a ginsu knife! Another thing that you might just overlook is the amazing boxes that the shoes come in. Surprisingly enough they were the exact same ones that Stefano Bemer used. For me, they really fit the idea of receiving a bespoke pair of shoes, only that I am sure that they made the shipping costs dreadful!!


  1. I am coming around to the idea that Japanese makers are on a level all of their own.

    These shoes are truly beautiful...English traditional designs, Italian-inspired last shapes, and Japanese practicality and perfectionism.

    I want this man to make me shoes. Now!

    1. they are definitely on a level of their own, it is hardly of this world...



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