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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Double Monk by Septieme Largeur

Dear Readers,

So as many of you may know, I am currently away in Italy on some much needed time off. While here, I did not bring my computer but rather my Tablet. As the interface is quite good on here, I thought that it would suffice in allowing me to do a few quick posts for all of you. While you can see that I am here writing, the thing that does not seem to work is uploading the pictures. As the pictures are probably what you really come to see the most, I will make this my only post for this time away (as I cannot upload) and leave you with a link to go to in order to get your fix of shoe porn.

At the link above you will find Septieme Largeur's new balmoral double monk, of which I find to be very lovely as we all know how much I appreciate the balmoral style. Another one of those models that allows for a million and one color variations, I look forward to seeing what they come up with next!!

I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend and I will be back on Saturday, the 6th, to start blogging again.

All the best,



  1. Wow those are gorgeous.. Reasonable price too.. I wen to buy them and they were sold out in my size.. Oh well.. But thanks justin.


  2. Brad - ah that's too bad!! I am sure that they will get more soon..SL seem to be quite good at stocking up on sizes...


  3. Julian @ afinepairofshoesApril 5, 2013 at 8:06 AM

    Enjoy your holiday Justin

    1. Julian, while this is a little late, I just wanted to thank you anyway for your best wishes. It was a nice holiday and much needed...





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