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Monday, April 15, 2013

My Recommended Shoe Cobbler

Part of being a good shoe brand is offering your customers a place in which they can confidently take their shoes to once they start to need new parts put on, or simply want to make some adjustments to them, such as putting on toe taps. Most brands in England offer this refurbishment service by sending the shoes back to their factory. This is clearly the best option that one can do, however, it is also the most expensive and takes the longest time. For some it's worth the cost and time, for others it's not. Now, as I am simply a 'designer' who works with a factory that is not my own, I do not have the ability to simply send them back for my customers as this is not something that the factory would want to partake in. That being, as a shoe designer and also as the persona The Shoe Snob, I have been wanting to find a good cobbler here in London that I could refer not only my customers to but also all of you, my readers. The only difficult part was actually finding one, as believe it or not, in a country that is known for great shoemaking, I can tell you without insult, that it is not a country of good cobblers.


After, all below are 'after' too

What you are seeing here is a pair of my Septieme Largeur Miro's, probably my most used pair of shoes, as it just might be my favorite loafer. The soles were not really in need of a resole, but ever since I had the toe tap put on by another cobbler that I had problems with, it started letting water in every time it rained (which has unfortunately been a lot this year). I therefore haven't worn them in a long time and to be honest, I have missed them. That being, I thought that these would be the best option to get done. Taking them to the cobbler, Tony's Quality Shoe Repair, I asked him to replace the soles/heels and put on new toe taps. Now, as you may know, Septieme Largeur shoes have closed channel soles, so in theory, one would want to have the same construction replaced. However, for the sake of keeping things simple, as most of you may not have closed channel shoes, I decided to take another route. Now, while Tony can do a closed channel resole if necessary (having to actually cut the channel by hand), what he can also do is a nice midway between a closed and open channel sole. That being, he will open the channel but then push as much leather over the slit as possible to make it more 'hidden.' Let's call it the hidden channel. (see below)

What I like about Tony's shoe repair is the fact that not only is he a trusted shoe repair to other companies in the shoe industry, but more so his range of skills. Like I said before, he can do a closed channel sole if necessary. He can also rip off a leather sole and add a thin rubber sole, still goodyear welted should you wish. He does proper toe taps and most importantly he can work quickly if absolutely necessary. But remember, good work takes time, so it's always best to allow time if you want the best results. And while a shoe repair, as I have said before, might not be as good as sending back to the factory (not because he can't be, but because the factory has more time, more facilities and the original last to mount the shoes back on), for me, Tony's is the best possible option for brands like myself that don't have their own factory to send shoes back to. That being, for all of you purchasing my shoes or are simply people who are looking for a good shoe repair, my recommended cobbler here in London is:

Tony's Quality Shoe Repair
9 Crown Passage (just off St. James, SW1)
Tel: 020 7839 5295
Mobile: 07557 055 560

What's even better is for all of you that visit him and mention The Shoe Snob, you will get 10% off all resoles!!


  1. How much did it cost for your shoes to be resoled? And how much would it be for closed channelled shoes? I have some Cheaney shoes from their Imperial line and it will be expensive to have them sent to the factory.

    1. The owner of the repair shop wished that I did not discuss this on my site, so if you want you can email me or simply call them....sorry

  2. Hi Justin,

    I hesitated to buy the Miro (in brown or blue) but i what see here... it will be my next shoes and first loafer !

  3. Justin,

    Thanks for that information, it's well worth knowing.

    Good to see you again last week and your shoe collection looked really great.

    Best regards,

    1. No problem my friend!! Thanks for the kind words with regards to the shoe line. It always a pleasure catching up. Will look forward to the next time.

      Take care


  4. Thanks for recommending a good cobbler in London. Just one quick question. Do you think know if Tony can do toe taps with screws instead of nails?

    Thanks, Patrick.

    1. No problem!! Yes he could if he could source them. This is the problem. No one seems to know where to get them in this country and I have not been able to find them myself. I know that in France, they all use screws, as did Stefano Bemer. It's just finding them that is the problem. If you can assist, I am sure that Tony, as well as myself, would be appreciative!




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