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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Handstitched Uppers by Enrile

At first glance, you would never guess that this is actually a whole cut shoe. That's the beauty of design and deception. All of this thick stitching you see was done by hand after the leather was already stitched together by machine at the top line (mouth of the shoe), down to the vamp point (where the laces end on the vamp), thus creating the illusion of a balmoral line, as well as the uniquely beautiful counter and facing lines. Things like this really make me smile, as it is not anything out this universe but it took active and intelligent thought to turn into a reality and in doing so, creating something that is extremely unique as well as beautiful. While my friends at Enrile don't create shoes that are meant to be the next fashion, what I do love about them is that they actively try to create unique twists that separate them in the marketplace, while at the same time maintaining a classic elegance about them. And to top it off, they are very well made! Well done my friends....


  1. Have you seen his work on the sole? I find it really interesting. Instead of hiding the stitches with the cut out leather he used rubber for some extra grip and maybe a bit more water resistance. That itself is worth a blog entry.

    1. i had seen it, but thank you for providing it. I am pretty sure that Claymoor's List has already covered it, which is why I did not...

  2. Dear Justin,
    thank you very much for publishing our work.
    Antonio García Enrile



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