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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Edward Green Spring/Summer 2013

I have been meaning to pop into Edward Green for the longest time now and take some snaps of their latest and greatest and the other day I finally managed to do so. I must say that I was terribly impressed by all of the injection of color that they have been doing as of lately. For a company with such a rich history with a strong and loyal client base, who I am sure like a certain aesthetic, it is refreshing to see them mix it up a bit with some classic models but in bold coloring, like these burgundy/red suede and navy calf single monks....Lovely to say the least, admirable to be nice and simply brilliant to be truthful. I love EG and it makes me happy that they are doing things of this nature. Well done my friends!!

P.S. The brogue boots are simply amazing!!!! I WANT!


  1. If only I could afford all the above brogues and brogue boots. Simply amazing!

    What price do the navy monks retail for?

    1. unfortunately I don't know but I would venture to say around the £700 mark....



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