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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bright Socks, Wholecut Loafers & DB Overcoats....My Kind of Outfit!

It's been awhile since I have showed you one of my daily outfits to allow you all a chance to critique me, mainly because lately I simply can't be asked to take photos of myself, especially since my time at Gieves & Hawkes these days is completely accounted for, down to the last second! But every now and then when I manage to put something together that I personally find appealing, I figure, 'what the heck, take one of your famous blurry self-portrait shots for them!' So I did, mainly to show off my new overcoat for winter, a proper overcoat that I feel proud to have....too often I spent too little on coats and never really had something that not only looked elegant and stylish but something that was timeless, that if I looked after, I could pass down to my children, and possibly further. I am proud of it and I love wearing it, particularly because I spent a minor fortune on it. But like a good shoe, I look at it as a good investment, something that will live on as all trends die.....

Oh and if you fancy, you should check out a nice article that The Mitchelli did on yours truly.... (click on link)

Shoes: J.FitzPatrick
Overcoat: Gieves & Hawkes
Tie: XMI Platinum
Scarf: Vintage
Trousers: Levi's
Socks: Septieme Largeur


  1. That really is a nice coat. But more importantly, the loafers look GREAT!

  2. Nice coat. Love the scarf, where did you get it?

  3. Hi Shoe Snob,

    That was very snobbish, mean the coat, great looking overcoat. How do I get my hands on one like that from G & H's. What is the price tag? MTO or bespoke?


    Alain De Rothenburg

  4. Alex B - Thanks my friend....
    hopefully we can get you into a pair of them!

    Kole - they did a good job designing this one!

    Cloudberry - thanks! The scarf is it at a frock show in Brighton, UK

    Alain - Thank you sir...if you click on the link attached to the word Gieves & Hawkes, when I list the articles of my outfit, that will take you straight to their website where you can buy was £800 and is RTW...


  5. Hi "The Shoe Snob",

    Happy New Year to you Sire and thanks for tip on the G&H overcoat. I contacted them a few days after Xmas and the coat was on sale (was not aware of that), needs some alterations (opening the cuffs). I got it for half the price almost (450 including cuffs alteration and postage). I am looking forward to it. Thanks to you.

    Best of the New Year and keep the good work.

    Alain De Rothenburg.

  6. Alain - Happy New Year to you too my friend!! I am glad that I was able to inspire you to get such a beautiful coat, and I hope that you wear it in good health!! Thanks for sharing!




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