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Justin, "The Shoe Snob"

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why Care About The Shoe, When The Pillow Is Much Cooler?

One of the things that I hate spending money on, is decor. Maybe it's because I am a man or something, but it just pains me to buy things that make my flat/kitchen/bathroom "look better." Obviously I would rather buy a suit or a new pairs of shoes, or pretty much any article of clothing for that matter. But attempting to be a normal, rules-of-society following individual, one has to get those things that make their abode look presentable.....So when I saw this pillow, I am sure that you can all imagine that my mouth dropped to the floor, not only in lust and jealousy, but in admiration and awe as well. I mean, how cool is it? Cooler than any other dumb pillow, that's for sure! And I must commend the owner for being clever enough to commission it/find it/or buy it. And who is that? Well, none other than Mr. Steven Taffel, owner of Leffot. Very fitting for his lovely shop. Oh, and yea, the shoes by Alfred Sargent are nice too!

Pillow by Jonathan Adler, Photo Courtesy of Leffot


  1. Leave the decorating to Mrs Fitzpatrick. It's monstrous. :)

  2. For the man cave, not the living room! I agree with Alex.

  3. Alex B - Believe me, I do....she would tear my head off if I brought this home....I will get one for my office though!!

    Anon - you are probably right, but I still love it!




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