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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Love Edward Green.....And You Should Too!

Courtesy of Leather Soul
There are many reasons that companies become great and stay that way for many years after. The fact that Edward Green has always been a industry leader in the high end/quality footwear sector, for me, is due to their constant ability to not forget the detail, or rather their ability to create a detail that is not only elegant and amazing, but that has never been done before. I can wholeheartedly say that I have never a medallion/brogueing done like this, where is just sits on the cap line as opposed to being positioned as a centerpiece. For me, it's simply amazing and beautiful, and makes me jealous that I can never do something of the sort for fear of being a copy cat. Oh well, there will be other things that I can do to separate myself! But nonetheless, Edward Green never ceases to blow me away and this just adds to the list of great things that give me inspiration. Well done EG, I commend you!


  1. wow! which models of edward greens are those? never seen them before!

  2. Marcus - Apparently it's a discontinue model called Cottesbrook.




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