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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beauty Is So Simple - John Lobb...

Picture Courtesy of Steps & Style

While I love uniqueness and eccentricity, sometimes I find that the cleanest and simplest things are the most beautiful. This shoe here by John Lobb, for me, conveys the very idea of this sentiment. A simple cap toe with a balmoral line is presented here, yet in reality it is so much more. You see a simple shoe, but do you notice it's unique execution of the design? The balmoral line, goes way back into the heel as opposed to ending at the arch and as well as it's length, you will notice that it is positioned on top of the vamp, whereas most balmoral lines sit below the vamp. All things to be noticed, but just as easily unnoticeable. For me, the subtlety in this in this execution is what makes John Lobb so great. Constantly, I am noticing that they execute classic designs with the slightest detail changes, and do so in such an elegant and subtle way that you almost miss it. This is what I love about design, and the ability to tweak something existing, into looking like something unique but also maintaining the look of familiarity......


  1. Totally agree. You've mentioned this difference about another more orthodox JL balmoral before, where the quarter goes over the vamp instead of under it.

    Clean and simple is definitely beautiful, but I'd say this is just as unique and even eccentric in its own way as a pink ostrich and suede double monk. It's totally original, with a distinctive construction. It's just understated rather than ostentatious. I really do love John Lobb...maybe one day I should stop buying cheaper shoes all the time, and save up for some of these...

  2. Beautiful pair and amazing Havana calf from Lobb !

  3. only set you back a 1000 bucks or so! recession ..what recession!


  4. Alex B - Yes, you should.....get out of those Loake's and into some Lobb's!! You won't regret it...

    Thibault - Indeed my friend, indeed!

    Andy - more than that if by bucks you mean dollars.....


  5. Ouch!

    Haha...I was about to say those Loakes are very, very old, and my more recent shoes are all C&J, Church and Cheaney: not quite JL territory, but a definite step up. But then last night a very cheap pair of suede Loakes arrived by courier...first time in about fifteen years, but I've no excuses now!

  6. Alex B - HA!!! their suede numbers are's just the constant use of bookbinder leather that I hate...




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