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Thursday, November 29, 2012

42nd Royal Highland - A Side Profile To Die For

Out of all the angles that one can create with a shoe, the side profile, for me, is the nicest in pictures. However, it can also be very deceiving as you don't really get a view of the last shape as you would see it on your feet, which for me is the most important view to judge a pair of shoes on. You notice so many people who will look sideways in the mirror to get the side profile of the shoe (when they try it on), because that is what other people tend to see, but all I care about is what I am seeing every second of every day. So when you look at this beauty, by 42nd Royal Highland (Japanese brand), you see a lovely model and probably would not question the top view. In fact, in this case you would be right, as it has a nice lovely and sharp chisel toe, very reminiscent of an elongated Berluti, but there are many times that when seeing the side view alone, you are being unfortunately deceived......


  1. This is extremely pretty. Do you know anything else about the brand?

  2. Alex B - Nope...just happen to stumble across them and like this...think (but could be wrong) that C&J make them




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