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Justin, "The Shoe Snob"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Today's Favorites - Random Beauties

Gaziano & Girling

Dear All,

I have been filming all day long and simply don't have enough time to write anything out, so I will leave you a bunch of lovely shoes from pictures of the amazing Tumblr blog, Rugged Old Salt.


Justin, "The Shoe Snob"

Gaziano & Girling

Saint Crispins

This and bottom ones Spigola by Koji Suzuki


  1. The Gaziano & Girling whole cut is amazing. It is a beauty. The Saint Crispins is sooo classical, and simple.

  2. Yes indeed, to all of the above!

    Love the way the straps work on the Koji Suzuki monks, love the whole cut even more as it appears to have been made for my feet, and the texture of the second oxford is just delightful - classic and completely individual at the same time; an informal take on a very formal shoe.

    Wonderful stuff.

  3. Ike - Too true....

    Alex B - yes, indeed, they are all lovely!!

    Anon - yes, can't speak much on it now, but let's just say that I am going to featured in a short video about shoe shining...will let you know all about it when it comes out.




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