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Friday, August 17, 2012

Shoes Of The Week - Stefano Bemer Spectators MTO

Carrying on the subject of green in one's attire (from yesterday's post), are a pair of MTO Stefano Bemers that were originally made for a Japanese customer, that for some reason did not take them and ended up in the hands of one of my blog readers whom comes from my old stomping grounds of Firenze. The cool thing about this, in my opinion, is the fact that Stefano actually had leather of these two colors, without them being some white crust leather that was later dyed. Having them tanned like this with the colors impregnated into the skin makes the colors that much more vibrant, as that blue shade is, quite so in fact! And what you may not realize is the fact that it is very hard to find good leather that comes in these types of colors, but as Stefano was as crazy about leathers as I am about shoes in general, he seem to have and buy it all which allowed him to create legends like this! And while many of you will find these to be overkill, as you might imagine I find them to be a challenge that I would love to take-up!

(the brown on tan model is RTW)


  1. Part of an extraordinary legacy. I think they're both fabulous, and demanding to be worn just BECAUSE they're outside the norm.

  2. The second pair look like Nucky Thompson's shoes from Boardwalk Empire. Nice!

  3. Thanks for compliments;-)



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