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Friday, August 10, 2012

Shoes Of The Week - Foster & Son New Bespoke Models

I think that seeing bespoke shoe samples is probably one of my favorite activities, as sad as that sounds. Ready-to-wear shoes can only be so wild, but with bespoke the world is on the fingertips  (literally) of the pattern maker. That being, each and every bespoke shop will literally just be a representation of the taste (or imagination) to the one who designs and/or makes the patterns of that brands' shoes. Here you can see that the pattern maker of Foster & Son truly took some time to create something that was unique yet still tasteful, which is why these models instantly caught my eye and demanded photos to be taken of them. And while they may not be your everyday work dress shoe, the elegance and beauty of them is unquestionable, and thus in my mind allows them still be incorporated into a working least mine that is. Anyway, it always please me to see navy dress shoes and I am happy to see them coming from my dear friends at Foster & Son, a company that I still believe to be underrepresented while making some of the nicest shoes out there....!


  1. I'm a spectator fan and I'm not sure if I like these or not. But either way, they're certainly special! Traditional craftsmanship, traditional name (the oldest in London, they say)...and design from outer space.

    This is what you were talking about - "The Last 10 Years in The Shoe Industry" - exemplified!

  2. The Linoleum Surfer - Indeed: progression!




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