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Justin, "The Shoe Snob"

Friday, July 6, 2012

Shoes Of The Week - Crockett & Jones MTO Spectator

In light of the old vintage Crockett & Jones shoes that I put up awhile back (HERE), a reader sent me a picture of one of his own MTO concoction put together by Crockett & Jones. Needless to say, as many of you may know my taste by now, I was astounded by the beauty of them. I can only imagine though, that by the look of that vamp/quarter material, that it might be hard to get these out on any non-sunny day........nevertheless they are nothing short of spectacular!!

Anyway my dear readers, I have had a rough day and am therefore not really in the mood to write a lot. I will say though that this is my 500th post, which is quite amazing to me and once again I just want to thank all of you for keeping me going. Without the readership, there is no Shoe Snob......

I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend!

Until next week.

-Justin, "The Shoe Snob"


  1. Congrats on your 500th post and keep up the great work:-)

  2. paul van der hartJuly 6, 2012 at 5:27 PM

    Hello Justin,

    Congratulations on your 500th post. And I have enjoyed them all! Let's have some bubbly on the next 500, I'm looking forward to it!

  3. EYES!!! I love a spectator, and this is truly a spectator to love! Gorgeous!

    I'm not sure quite what's going on with that material, or even if I'd choose it, but the overall effect is just stunning: the elegant, unfussy wing tip, the elongated heel counter, and that beautiful slender brogued line between the vamp and quarter...

    Magnificent - well done to whoever ordered them!

  4. Justin,

    Well done on 500 postings and I am sure we are all looking forward to the 5000 one and beyond.


  5. AlexG - Thank you sir!

    Paul Van Der Hart - Thanks for the kind words, I will take you up on that bubbly on the 1000th!

    AlexB - It's a very lovely piece no doubt, definitely one to be proud of...

    Snapper - That would be amazing to be still going after 5000. If I calculate doing 5 a week (and assuming a 50 week year), that would be 18 years from now...long time...thanks for comment


  6. Beautiful , Crockett and Jones shoes have always produced stylish and impeccably well made shoes. The quality of the leathers , the comfort and fit . when you wear a spectator shoe it makes a certain style statement love the colour combination on these. !!



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