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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shoe Photography - Capturing The Right Light

Picture Courtesy of The Style Buff

There is no light like natural light when it comes to shoe photography. But then again, even with that you will need the right camera. Time and time again, pictures will misrepresent the true beauty of a shoe. I know this better than anyone as I take pictures with my cell phone all of the time and due to that, nice shoes end up looking like junk. But this also can work the other way, where the photographer was so brilliant that they were able to make a crap shoe look good. This shoe, by Bocache e Salvucci, managed to get that brilliant photography treatment. It would appear that this shoe was given a mirror like glass shine, but I think that instead, it was just given a really good overall shine, but managed to capitalize on the amazing light that was out that day. Nevertheless, it was already a good looking shoe, just made to look even better. Time again, I give a mirror like glass shine to a shoe, snap a picture of it, and it looks dull. Go figure....but then again, photography has NEVER been my strong suit....unfortunate as that is considering that I write a blog that requires some use of it.....


  1. Lighting a shoe would be just like lighting a car.
    In a car commercial you don't light the car, you light what's reflected in it.

    Large white sources.

  2. That's one damn fine tassel loafer!

  3. Laurence - indeed...only that you have to be careful that those large white sources are not too overpowering as I tend to do when I snap my own shoes in my "what I am wearing" posts....hard indeed




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