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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Marc Guyot: Colors, Colors, Colors!!!

If there is one thing that I like about Marc Guyot, it's the fact that he is one guy who is certainly not afraid of a bit of color. Whether or not you would fancy the outfit he wears or the shoes that he makes, you have to respect him for having the courage to be different. While certain things may be considered ostentatious, I find them pleasingly different, especially in a world that sometimes feels overly monotonous. This new range of shoes that he has, gives a whole new meaning to the idea of colored shoes, where not only are there bold colors being used, but bold colors being combined! While this is certainly not the first time that a shoe designer has done this, I must say that some of the combinations caught me by surprise. They did so by making me realize that certain colors that I would never think to wear, nor combine, actually look amazing well! What I am referring to is the split-toe derby in orangy-brown/puke green. Now, in no way is that description an attempt at insult (what other green would it be), but an actual realization of prejudices (orange colored leather - never fancied that before?) being overturn by the power of observation through skilled design by Mr. Guyot himself! Nevertheless, I tip my hat to Mr. Guyot for being a man that does what he likes, and not necessarily what everyone else likes!

Shoe Pictures Courtesy Of: Parisian Gentleman
Marc Guyot Photo Courtesy Of: The Dandy Portraits


  1. A bit too dandy for my taste.
    The medallion on the green pair is exquisite.

  2. Oh man, those blue/brown shoes are beautiful. Wantwantwant.


  3. The shoes are great, the suit a little much but bravo to him for having the panache to wear it.

  4. AFJ - Yes, that medallion is very nice, I forgot to mention that in the post.

    Sam - lovely right?!

    Peter - Agreed...


  5. The tweed cloth the shoes are on, is a very nice touch!

  6. Fantastic Character.......



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