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Friday, March 30, 2012

Shoes Of The Week - Dimitri Gomez French Derby

I just realized that I don't own any derby shoes, not dress ones at least, just those blue suede/white sole Churchs. Funny that, even funnier that I never really realized it, nor have even thought to purchase one with a leather sole. I have always known that I am not the biggest fan of them, but it never occurred to me that due to that, they were left overlooked in the wardrobe department. I have really just always been drawn to either loafers, oxfords or boots. Could be that American derbys are just big and clunky looking, and that always deterred me from them. Who knows? But it wasn't really until I saw a French style derby, as pictured here by Dimitri Bottier (aka Gomez), that I began to start actually liking and desiring them. The way in which they design them is so much more appealing. The two (or three) eyelet interpretation with the straight line (where the two pieces of leather are attached) coming down to the arch makes it look so much more clean and dressy looking, taking away that sharp point that most other derbys have. And as you can see here, it creates such a beautiful and elegant outcome, leaving a shoe that is elegant and desirable....


  1. Looks a bit like Corthay Arca.

  2. AFJ - Well, the French style does not stray too far from one maker to the next....




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