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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What I Am Wearing - Suede Loafers & Blazer

This outfit here is one of my more classic looks, as in I believe that this is something that many others have done before: brown suede loafers, khaki looking trousers, blue blazer & gold/yellow tie. And even though I usually try not to be too classic, I must say that I quite like this look. For me it gives the notion of one who likes to be smart looking but not stuffy. This look is insanely common in Italy, although they seem to be a bit more bold in their trouser colors, commonly using white, red or purple (maybe that was just Florence, as those three colors represent the football team...) and more often than not, just leaving the tie at home. But you see it less often here in London, mainly due to the 'rules of attire,' which states that a gentleman must dress in black shoes/dark suits Monday through Thursday and only break out the more "casual" pieces from Friday onwards. As I don't follow these rules by any means, I must not be a true gentleman....not yet at least....

Shoes: Ferragamo (Tremezza line AKA Goodyear welted)
Jacket: Vintage
Trousers: Levi's
Shirt: Primark
Tie: Robert Talbott 'Best of Class'


  1. Are the Levi's still available and what are they called?

    I like the look btw!

  2. Tie knot looks a bit too big for your collar. Otherwise a fantastic ensemble. Bravo!


  3. Kim - I don't believe so. I must have bought them about 3 years ago. They are part of the 511 series though. Best.

    Vincent - Yea this tie is quite thick and make super big knots...

    superchick - okay?




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