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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today's Favorites - Clae Fall/Winter 2012

While sneakers may not appeal to all of you, I do have to pay homage every now and then, to the shoe style that birthed my profound passion for footwear. And what would be better than a sneaker that is taking influence from dress shoe styles, such as the saddle and the wing tip, as these Clae models are? What I love about the shoe industry these days is that everything is being mixed. Sneakers are taking from dress shoes and vice versa. And so when you love dress shoes, but fancy a sneaker for casual wear, it's nice when you are able to find the blending between the two that presents itself in a smart sneaker. And that's what we have here. But even more so, they used a fabric to make the shoe even more playful. It's all of my favorite things literally balled up into one shoe, except that its a sneaker instead of a dress shoe. Imagine if it was a dress shoe, how crazy would that be? This is why I still love looking at sneakers. I don't wear them as often, but I do take inspiration from them, as I will from these models here.....

Pictures Courtesy Of: The Shoe Buff

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