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Friday, January 6, 2012

Shoes Of The Week - Lodger Jodhpur Boots

It's always nice being able to find a shoe that it is truly unique in it's design. I take that back, it is truly amazing to find something that is unique in it's design and looks great. I see a lot of crap design that tried way too hard to go outside of the box to create something unique and ends up becoming something that looks alien or along those lines. But this jodhpur boot here, by Lodger, is simply amazing. I have never actually owned a jodhpur boot myself but have always appreciated them. I even incorporated one within my collection because I know that they are a popular model here in England, but I do not believe that I have ever seen one that I like more than this one. It's so simple in it's look and thought, yet so intriguing and unique. Not only the fact that this jodhpur is created on a derby style, but the fact that it crosses in the front and even more unique, has a stitching (seam) that goes all the way back to the middle of the heel, which is virtually unheard of in classical pattern making. But you put all of these things together and it creates something that is beautiful and very impressive.....I would have a pair of these in every color!


  1. I thought very seriously about buying these. However, I felt the tan leather was too feminine so I passed. Had the strap been a darker brown, I would have bought them.

  2. I loved these, and the green toe caps they to. Its a shame they only did this as a shoe of the month, and that they have stopped making the grean toe caps, they were incredible!

  3. Anon1 - To each his own, right...? I understand though..

    Anon2 - Yea, they have stopped doing pretty much everything because the ownership changed and it is no longer really Lodger anymore....




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