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Thursday, November 10, 2011

What I Am Wearing

If I could wear a 3-piece or double breasted suit everyday for the rest of my life, I just might consider it. And it's not that I couldn't, because it is simply just a matter of doing so, but in today's world there are many events/situations that really don't call for it. In the sense, that if I was to do so, I may be considerably overdressed in many situations. But then, I watch shows such as Boardwalk Empire, and it seems that back then they did not go anywhere or do anything without being in an elegant suit. And even though I am very grateful and happy to be from the era that I am, I always wish that we still dressed as such. There was a manner of elegance that was spread across society and even criminals were dapper Dons. But in today's world, if you showed up in a 3-piece suit to watch the football game (whether it be the American or European version), you just might get told off. What a pity.....

Shoes: Bespoke, made by me
Suit: MTM Gieves & Hawkes
Shirt: Primark
Tie: Some Italian brand, will update later


  1. Please buy yourself a better camera. Your shoes look aweful with bad lighting.

  2. Anon - Will do when I can afford to, but it's not high on the priority list. The real problem is the lighting in the room I am taking the pics in. It's too strong, but everywhere else in Gieves is too weak. Would not go as far to say that the shoes look awful though, that's a bit of an exaggeration!


  3. Shoes are not awful. They are gorgeous. Pictures arr. Sorry to be hard on you, but I am a huge fan of your blog.

  4. Anon - No worries, I understand. The picture quality is awful, but I just don't have the time, nor money to worry about a new camera. Getting my shoe line off of the ground is using up all of my the future though, they pics will get nicer, especially when I get an assistant!


  5. What is with these rude comments?!?!?
    The shoes do look great- makes that saddle oxford style look elegant. This blog is up there with Permanent Style on expertise.

  6. Matsmith1212 - Thanks for your kind words, that's very nice of you to say...




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