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Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I Am Wearing

One of the funniest things about growing up, is doing things that you always said that you wouldn't. Obviously, what I am referring to is not something that dire, but it is still hypocritical of me nonetheless and that is the fact that I continuously find myself wearing black shoes with navy trousers. Granted, this was not something that I was so against, but rather preached that navy was always better complimented with brown. Yet, in Europe, where one finds themselves walking about much more than one does in America (in a big city), the prospect of rain, sleet, snow or whatever coming, scares me from wearing and thus possibly ruining my light colored shoes. Therefore, I find myself putting on black shoes and dark trousers, as they are much harder to stain. What's even funnier, is that as I put this together more often, I quite like it, especially since it allows me to wear a bold color sock and have a nice contrast between my shoes, socks and trousers...

Shoes: Miro by Septieme Largeur
Trousers: H&M
Sweater (jumper): Primark
Socks: Duchamp
Tie: XMI Platinum
Dress shirt: Primark


  1. As we say in Italy: "Nero e blu fa Zulù", i.e. "You'll look like a Zulu if you combine black and blue." :D

    Recently i'm pairing blue trousers with dark brown leathers, especially a pair of elongated tassel loafers. Not bad, but I think that the best pairing is navy + cordovan.

  2. Zino - Yes, I prefer navy with brown and like you said, navy with cordovan/burgundy is definitely best!




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