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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today's Favorites - John Lobb Boots

The jodhpur boot is one of the most intriguing boots around. Not as plain as the chelsea boot, but by far more elegant. I love a shoe/boot that is clean looking i.e. has a large blank canvas of leather, free of stitching. How elegant is it that the leather starts at the toe and extends all the way up to the top, without any stitching? Lovely! The only thing that is throwing me off about these jodhpur boots, by John Lobb, is how the straps end in a way that leaves them almost lying on top of the vamp, as opposed to fastening the other way with the ends sticking out towards the heel. Other than that, this boot is exquisite! And the museum calf, specialized by John Lobb, is one of my favorite leathers of all time. It is so characteristic. It's a patina in itself. There is no fuss necessary. I would love to see how it would age over 20 years, to see if it does so more beautifully than a lovely burgundy shoe....Anyway, as these shoes cost more most people's mortgage payments, $1500, I can safely say, that it will at least be a couple of more years until I can afford to get one.....

Pictures Courtesy Of (and boots found at): Leather Soul

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