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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Shoes #22 - Bobbies Loafers

When I saw these for the first time, I just knew that I was going to have to own them. I mean, they are completely ostentatious, but that's what makes them great!! Where else are you going to see a pair of bow ties affixed to a pair of shoes? You have to love French shoe brands, such as Bobbies, because they sure know how to make things stand out, but in a good way, at least in my mind.

So as I work on a daily basis on Savile Row, home of the conservative British gentleman, you can imagine the kind of stares and thoughts that were going through many people's head the first time that I wore them. It's great too, because many of them think that I am just some crazy American youngster, but that's alright because I am confident of my own personal style. I know that many of these men wished they had the balls (excuse my French) to pull these off and instead of saying so, they judge me to fit in. And I know that many men feel this way for fear of what other people think about them, especially other men, which boggles me as to why they would even care in the first place. Not that it ever bothered me either way, but I would rather be worried about what the ladies thought, rather than the men, and let me tell you that all of the women that I work with complimented me on the shoes!!


  1. I totally agree. Most guys are fashion cowards. I brought my vintage retro adidas gym bag to work the other day that is white with pink details. Handed down to me from my dad who used it in the 70's. One of my coworkers said "That bag looks suspicious". One of the girls told him off and said I was secure with myself :)

    I don't care what dudes think but it's sad that if something is not mainstream it's wrong. Btw, I too have those bow tie loafers and have gotten some weird looks. However, my uncle just said that I'm artistic. Why focus on the negative when you can focus on the positive?

  2. The shoes look great! Are they true-to-size or do you size down a half size? I'm normally a 11D, but I size down to 10.5D for loafers and slip-ons.

  3. Dallas - Exactly!! Thanks for sharing Dallas. Glad to know that you, too, appreciate unique shoes.

    Andy - No, these were true to size. They fit like a glove. But they come in European size i.e. 42,43,44 etc. But if you have a narrow heel, they you might want to go on the smaller side, it's hard to say without seeing your foot. But I have a narrow foot, am about an 8 1/2 narrow and a 41 fit perfectly!

    -Justin, "The Shoe Snob"

  4. Ah, thank you for responding. The website approximates size 45 to 10.7 in US.

  5. Andy - No worries, 45 should be your size then!

    -Justin, "The Shoe Snob"



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