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Justin, "The Shoe Snob"

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hom Nguyen - The Leather Artist

There are patina masters and then there is Hom Nguyen. And in case you did not know, this guy makes Berluti's finishes look mediocre, and because of that, I feel (but this is total speculation) that they might even use him to do some of their more outlandish work, such as the 'tattooing.' His artistry is remarkable and to be honest, I am quite jealous of his skills and wish that I knew how to do them as well. Because having this ability is kind of like being a tailor, where you can take existing pieces and alter them to your exact liking. How cool would that be?? Well, as far as background knowledge, I don't have much on him, as every article is in French, but it would seem to be that he is the new kid on the French patina block, making big waves as his work continues to impress everyone!

What's great about the shoe industry these days is that so many unique things are taking place. It has evolved so much over history and even in the last 10 years, things are exponentially changing and progressing to become more diverse and unique. Who would of thought that people would be wearing shoes down the street, that have pictures on them, like tattoos? Or that young urban designers would be collaborating with old conservative shoe companies? Who would have thought? No one!! But it's great that it's happening and I am excited to know that I will soon be apart of that, hopefully making history, and doing so with the help of all of you! Alright, inspirational speech is officially over, so let's get down to Hom business... This guy is simply amazing!! There really is no other way of describing it. He is like the Da Vinci of leather artwork. I mean, look at that Iron Man drawing spread out over 6 shoes. That's crazy, but absolutely brilliant!!

As you can see, his work is not limited to shoes, nor anything for that matter. If it is leather, he can design on it. While I can't imagine that his work is inexpensive, I now know that when I buy my first nice briefcase, I am definitely going to take it to him to give an antiqued look, as I think that briefcases look so much better when given a beautiful patina, instead of just looking flat.

It makes me curious to know, how the art of the patina or leather altering via dye's became so popular in France and who was the pioneer to this lovely industry. It's funny too, that no other country has really stepped up to challenge them. It's such a beautiful art that you would think that other people would attempt it. But as of yet, I have not noticed anyone. But obviously, as things progress, it is inevitable that someone, somewhere will step up to the plate and give the French patina artists a run for their money!


  1. i love this guy . . .

    thanks hom ;)

  2. Homme - Justin, you continue to out do yourself with these interesting finds!

    Jim C.

  3. Hom's work is simply jaw-dropping! Thanks, Justin, for posting this.

  4. For my classic taste it is excessive, difficult to digest. But it does not stop being a work, definitively only.


  5. Sven - Indeed....he is brilliant!

    Jim - Thank you Jim, glad to provide for everyone!

    Samir - Not a problem my friend.

    Antonio - It is definitely something different, not conservative by any means...

    -Justin, "The Shoe Snob"



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