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Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Products Deserve Good Treatment

It's funny when you notice other people who wear $1000+ shoes and they throw them around, don't use shoe trees, cram their foot into them without a shoe horn and basically just abuse them. You think, "wow, they sure don't value those expensive shoes that I wished that I owned." But you can bet your bottom dollar that they are not driving their Ferrari through a hail storm or parking it outside their house? Granted, the price is quite different between these two products, but the principal is the same, as a pair of Corthay or John Lobb Paris' RTW shoes would be the equivalent of a Ferrari in the shoe world. And while you have these people who are blessed to be so rich that they just don't care, you also have the intelligent individual who buys nice stuff and wants to preserve it. Maybe to pass down to their children or because they enjoy maintaining their products? Who knows? But up until recently, at least in the States, it was hard to find those products that truly allowed you to properly maintain the articles in your wardrobe.

Due to that lack of being able to find decent products to maintain the clothing in a gentleman's closet, one man by the name of Kirby Allison, decided to do something about it and in turn created a company -- that stocks those premium products -- called THE HANGER PROJECT. The name came from the fact that he would purchase bespoke suits and when it came time to take them home, he would receive them hanging on these shitty $2 hangers that were barely fit for a t-shirt, let alone an expensive, hand-made suit. Anyone who cares about clothes knows that if you do not hang a nice suit properly, it will eventually drape awkwardly and deform. Therefore, he aimed to design and create a hanger that would be fit for a king and all his bespoke suits! And that's what he did. But supplying only hangers for suits was not enough and he therefore decided to find some of the best products around for maintaining shoes as well, and that's where I come in!

As a fine believer of maintaining the beautiful shoes that many of you are purchasing, I thought it best to highlight such a company as this. A company who believes in promoting good products that can help stretch the value of your money from the lifespan that is being added to the articles in your wardrobe. Because after all, two different men can own the same shoe and based on the way they treat it, have it last for a very different amounts of time. And the three things that can create this difference: are shoe trees, shoe horns and shoe polishing products.

Because I have already stressed the importance of shoe polishing and shoe trees in past posts on my blog, I figured that this time I would emphasize a little bit on shoe horns, as I feel that they may tend to be overshadowed. I know many men that would not even think of using a shoe horn and I can say myself that I have been known to forget to use mine as well, and because of that have seen the consequences, of which I do not want to replicate in my other shoes. And that is: fraying heels. So it is important to use a shoe horn, every time you put on your nice, expensive dress shoes. And the nicest one that I have used thus far, is always the one made by ox horn, as displayed above. So remember, if you value your clothing, treat it nicely and buy the products that can help maintain them, just as you would your car!


  1. Do you use shoe horns for boots as well?

  2. Pol - I would in a laced boot but not in a chelsea or zip up boot.

    -Justin, "The Shoe Snob"

  3. Always enjoying reading your blog! Just wondering if this post is sponsored ad/article?

  4. Anthony C - Thank you! As far as your question goes, the answer is yes and no. I have always wanted to see men dressing nicely, caring about their sartorial decisions and taking care of their products. So if someone approaches me and I believe in their product, I have no problems putting them up on my blog. I always need new content and I don't ask for money. So yes, I do somewhat advertise them, but out of giving my readers good information, not to gain anything really on my part. I won't lie, obviously, sometimes I will get a product to add to the post but nothing more than that. This is the way the blog industry works. Hope that this helps.

    -Justin, "The Shoe Snob"



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