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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Today's Favorites - Del Toro Slippers

As the sun comes out, so do all of the interesting shoes that involve going sock-less, and one of those happens to be the Prince Albert slipper. While you tend to find that most traditional/historical British shoes companies will offer their own take on the Prince Albert slipper, which will run you a pretty penny right out of your pocket, least expected is the maker of these models, Del Toro.

For those that did not read my post about these way back when, Del Toro is a relatively young company who is set to make it big. Started by a couple of university students a few years back, who loved the idea of the Prince Albert slipper but hated the idea of spending $600-$800 for a pair, they decided to do something about it and came out with their own affordable version. And as you can see above, they have taken the PA slipper to a whole new level offering them in customizable colors/fabrics/materials/logos etc., all at a relatively affordable cost ($210-$345). This is what I love about them: they give you options! Because, who really just wants the same one that everyone else has in black velvet? Not me! I want all of the color options in the linen models and thanks to Del Toro, I can now get them!


  1. The color options are indeed a great plus. Also, I think ever since they moved their production back to Spain, the quality increased.
    To whom it may concern:a little while ago, we wrote a review about their Del Toro Slipper .

  2. GG - Thanks for sharing!

    -Justin, "The Shoe Snob"



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