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Monday, March 14, 2011

Today's Favorites - Bally

I know that I usually do a full-length post on Monday's and I was going to today, but just as I was finishing with it, Blogger decided to f*** up on me and would not save. So when I copied all of my text and pics to re-paste after refreshing the page, to my pleasant surprise, it only copied the picture and forever deleted all of my thoughtful words. And because it's late and I am tired, after being gone all weekend with no day off, I just can't be bothered to re-write it today. So, I will get to it tomorrow and for now leave you with this beautiful Bally shoes that I am quite enamored with. The thing about Bally is that they are such a great company with great products when they are not having ownership issues. For awhile they started making their shoes here and there when in fact, the best shoes they produced were always the one's that came from their factory in Switzerland, which I am assuming these did. What I love about Bally is the fact that they always managed to keep their shoes classic yet always add some small, modern detail that seems to set them apart and turn a relatively plain shoes into something unique and intriguing. This here, does just that with it's unique toe brogue pattern as well as having stitches on the facing (near the laces) of the shoe, when the rest of the shoe is made with a hidden piping. Minor details, major differences!

Photo Courtesy Of: Style Forum

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