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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today's Favorites - Random Ostentatious Shoes

Shoes Above: George's

Shoes Above: Bottega Veneta

Shoes Above: Billionaire Couture

Shoes Above: Casely Hayford

Shoes Above: George's

Shoes Above: Martinisi

I had all of these shoes just sitting in my 'randoms' picture folder and knew that if I did not show them soon, they might get lost in there forever. While I would not wear all of these, I do find all of them quite interesting, to say the least. Let's rephrase that, I would not buy all of them but I would probably wear all of them with the exception of the pink suede, even that is just a little bit too bold for me! But the pink suede's are interesting to see and to wonder if there is actually someone out there who would wear them proudly. I actually quite like the Casely Hayford loafers. I think that they are a nice modern twist to a classic style. While doing this post, I just realized that they are carried at the Dover Street Market, which I also just learned is only a few blocks away from where I work. I think that I might just inquire to see if they carry them and how much they cost. Due to my new obsession with solid, bright colored socks, I am liking more the idea of shoes with a low cut vamp to show off the socks, so if these are within my ballpark spending limits, I just might be tempted.....


  1. Hi, just to complet your knowledge database; the pink monk are form George's (spring collection 2010)

    Otherwise, thanks for the blog, I like it very much.



  2. love the pair on the 4th pic down - Would love those


  3. Dear Ricardo - Thank you for your information. I am glad that you enjoy my blog and hope that you continue reading!

    -Justin, "The Shoe Snob"



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