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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today's Favorites - George Cleverley

Cleverley's favorite pastime: hidden side-gore slip on's! And why not? They look good and not many other makers actually make them. I quite like the top model and even though it is listed as being espresso in color, with the camera trickery going on, I prefer to see it as some shade of gray.

Being that the shoes at hand are both suede models, let's switch the subject onto that. With my conquest of shoe purchasing, I feel that I have neglected suede as 'something to buy.' Not saying that I don't have suede shoes, because now that I think about it I have plenty of them but not nearly as many as my calfskin alternatives. I think that I have acquired a calfskin shoe for every color there is with the exception of pink and orange, which I am afraid I will most likely never get. But now I feel the need to do the same in the suede market. I have always appreciated them but have always lived in super rainy places and even though I still live in a very rainy place, I can no longer let that be an excuse. Here's to suede, Cheers!!!

Pictures Courtesy Of: Leather Soul

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  1. barker black makes an amazing orange shoe



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