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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Shoes #12 - Sperry Slip-On

Over the last weekend, we actually had some really nice days in which the sun stayed out for longer than 3 hours. Considering that I am limited in the shoes that I have with me in England and that I need to post new shoes for each week, I figured that with the sun out, it would be the perfect time to pretend like it was summer and break out my classic Sperry slip-on's. During the real summer, Sperry has to be my go to shoe. I think I must own like 10 different Sperry shoes. The style of them is just so versatile and the fact that they come in every color that you could think of is great. While I am a big fan of the classic boat shoe (with laces) I think I might be finding that I like the slip-on version better, due to it's comfort and not having to tie those annoying boat shoe laces. And as you can see, even though I tried to pretend that it was summer, my upper proves that indeed, it wasn't!!

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  1. Oh god, i already know where and when i would wear this shoe if it's available in my closet now hehehe



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