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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Today's Favorites - Random Sneakers

Top Shoe: Vans
Middle Row Above: Left - Kris Van Assche; Right - Salvatore Ferragamo
Bottom Row Above: Left - Kanye West for Raf Simons; Right: Dior Homme

Top Row Above: Left - Marc Jacobs; Right - Vans
Bottom Row Above: Left - Adidas/Ransom; Right - Lanvin

Shoes Above: Adidas

Needing to remember that my love for shoes ultimately came from my love for sneakers, I feel the need to pay homage every once and awhile to those that I find intriguing. Before my appreciation of fine dress shoes came about, I was always one to have the latest and greatest sneakers and was even known to always keep two pairs of one particular model so that I always had a fresh pair waiting without any hiccups in my daily wear! Call me crazy, but when I say that I am a shoe lover, it is not limited to bespoke dress shoes. The majority of my 100 or so pairs are sneakers (or casual shoes) ranging from Vans, Converse, Sperry's, Adidas, Nike, Superga etc. So to show my appreciation of these types of shoes, I have added some of my favorites from 2010. Enjoy!!


  1. Where can you get those top vans?

  2. On this website they have a link to 'their dealers' where you might be able to call up to see if they carry that model. The model is 3/4's of the way down the page on the left for the model name/number etc. Best of luck and thanks for reading!



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