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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today's Favorites - Edward Green's Midnight Colored Shoes

What I love most about Edward Green is that they truly offer and make their shoes in almost every color (with the exceptions of the crazy, bright colors). One of those is what they call 'midnight,' which would be their version of blur or navy. It's an absolutely marvelous color and I can only dream about getting a pair myself. Instead, maybe I can buy a piece of leather off of them and make my own, way cheaper!! Another color that they offer is the burnt olive (green) and it is just as beautiful as the midnight. I will have to show some of those in another post. For now, enjoy!


  1. Oh my god, those balmoral boots are killing me...i need to have them. Right now. Who must i kill to get them?

    Great post, Justin!!

  2. I was going to post this comment anyway before reading the previous commenter. So this isn't just being pedantic.

    I prefer the Edward Green Shannon which is a balmoral. The above is a blucher.



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