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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shoe Of The Week

As one of Gaziano & Girling's new designs for 2010, the 'Walkton' is a very cool two-toned spectator that is looking to make it's way into my top five favorites of G&G's RTW shoes. Partly because I am such a sucker for wingtips, partly because I really like this reddish brown color that they love using, and partly because it is a mixture between pebble grain and calfskin. But mainly because it really just looks so damn good! I wish that pebble grain would be used more for dressier shoes. Usually you will find it used on more casual shoes with rubber soles but when done nicely, it can look great on a dress style, as it does here. While I waited until December of this year to finally see their new designs, I hope that 2011 will quickly bring an array of new models!


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous...i need to have it. Right now...oh wait, there seem to be issues with my credit card...damn, those russians again :)

  2. Spoozy - Tell me about it!! I want every shoe I write about, how devastating is that!



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