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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today's Favorites - Chelsea Boots

Boots Above: Vaneau by Vaneau

Boots Above: Scarpe Di Bianco

Boots Above: Helm

Boots Above: Gaziano & Girling

Boots Above: Edward Green

I look at the rain and wind outside and I am thankful for the one pair of chelsea boots that I own but now I realize that I need at least a black pair, for sure, and maybe another in some unique color like navy or gray.....


  1. Love the design on the side of the shoes and if trousers are worn over, it would look really lovely!

  2. Great pairs, really...the chelsea boot is indeed something special...i am not sure if i like it made of patent leather, though...i´m kind of the suede type...still: great post :)

  3. Spoozy - I definitely am not a fan of patent leather boots either. Did you think that the first pair was patent leather? It's just really shiny, but I am pretty sure that it is just french calfskin with a high shine. My pair of chelsea boots is suede with a crepe sole, great for England!

  4. I love the Vaneau by Vaneau grey boots! right up my alley! its elegant but at the same time funky and cool, it can go business style with slim black slacks and button down shirt tucked in, or rocker style with black skinny jeans and shrunken leather jacket. Nice pick!

  5. BOAZ - Those are cool, right! I like them a lot too!

  6. I QUITE like the copper tone....being a copper fan and all.



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