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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shoe Of The Day

There is nothing like a beautiful, well made shoe. There is especially nothing like a beautiful, well made shoe that is 3 shades of blue calfskin. This shoe, by Anthony Delos, has to be one of the most beautiful shoes I have encountered. Not that it is something that has not been done before, but I am such a sucker for blue and the way he created the patina and the colors that came out of that, make for an extraordinary piece of art!! I think that my next investment just might have to be a nice royal/navy blue calfskin shoe. That is just something that is unfortunately lacking from my closet and that badly needs to be taken care of. This is art at its finest folks!!


  1. The darkness! I've heard how midnight blue gives a blacker than black impression under artificial lighting, but IMHO, nothing brings out the true beauty and brilliance of patina and deep color like direct sunlight.

  2. Hi,

    I'd like to share with you a few links that might get your attention Shoe Snob:

    De Pied En Cap and En Grande Pompe are two french forums about shoes, shoemakers and elegant clothing.

    Even if you don't speak a word of French, you might appreciate the pictures in the "Bottiers" (shoemakers) threads.

    Don't hesitate to register, log on and post (in english or french it doesnt matter). We will be happy to see you join the community!



  3. SpaceCowboy - Thank you very much for the info, i do always appreciate more opportunities to look at beautiful shoes!!



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