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Friday, May 7, 2010

Shoe Of The Day

In case you didn't realize, the sneaker industry is boomin' and is only about to get bigger! Part of that boomin' industry is the young and successful Clae, which is the brand that created this shoe. While this shoe, called the 'Bruce,' comes in several other colors I chose to show the teal colored version just to stress my observation of teal being the color of 2010 in the casual/sneaker shoe industry. Even Sperry has a shoe like this in a similar color. I love the shoe's design: simple, classic with a twist and easy to put on. It doesn't get much better than that and hoping that this shoe stays in the collection, I definitely plan to add it to my wardrobe in the not-so-distant future!! GET ON BOARD WITH TEAL!!!!


  1. once you go black you never go back!!;)

    Dan the man att GG

  2. It's such a great colour!

  3. Nice work - I need to save and have some made by you. Tim



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